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acupuncture for enlarged prostate

main symptoms

he has an enlarged prostate.
the urge to urinate occurs every 1-2 hours and he must go to the bathroom several times a day.
his urine volume is decreasing, and it is difficult for him to go far.
he came to our clinic because he had been prescribed medication and was wondering if there was anything else he could do.


we have had cases of enlarged prostate in the past and have had good results.
we do not treat the enlarged prostate, but the symptoms caused by the enlarged prostate.
in other words, (1) frequent urination, (2) swollen, (3) improvement of circulating blood volume in the lower limbs, (4) treatment of the lower back, and (5) treatment of the hips.

many patients with prostate enlargement have strong tension in their lower back muscles and hips.
just by treating these areas, the symptoms of an enlarged prostate will improve.
another approach to the second sacral foramen is also effective, although it is a little more difficult to insert.

1st treatment: not much change.
3rd treatment: urine volume increased, and frequency of toilet visits decreased. He also started to enjoy exercising.

currently under treatment…


acupuncture treatment for urological diseases is very difficult.
the results of the treatment are very different if you can treat the small parts around the sacrum.

please consult with us if you are.