Kunitachi Ozawa Acupuncture Clinic.

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About our clinic


Appointments for patients from overseas are accepted at the Ginza Clinic.
Please call us. You can make an appointment in English.

From Abroad:+81-3-6228-7003+81-3-6228-7003

From Japan:03-6228-700303-6228-7003

There are no closed days. Appointment times will be discussed with you based on your convenience and availability. ※ Please note that the clinic may be closed for certain reasons. Please be forewarned.

Treatment Fee

8,000yen~【Including tax and initial consultation fee】

※ We use the highest quality disposable acupuncture needles of MADE IN JAPAN quality. ※ We will provide you with all the clothes you need for your treatment.
●Payment by credit card
The following credit cards are accepted at our clinic.
credit card

Flow of treatment

  1. medical interview.
    Ask about your current symptoms and your wishes for treatment.
  2. Explanation of the treatment:
    I will explain the cause of your current symptoms with a treatment called trigger point.
  3. Treatment:
    Palpate the muscles and apply acupuncture treatment.

Depending on the patient's symptoms and condition, acupuncture may be applied first to release muscle tension, followed by manual therapy (including massage). in any case, we provide the best treatment for the patient's body. in the case of insurance treatment without acupuncture, we use manual therapy (including massage therapy) to treat your body.