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Case Reports

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heel pain & achilles tendon pain in athletes

main symptoms

a few months ago, he had a tear in his hamstring. after acupuncture to alleviate the pain in the hamstring, he started to exercise, but he started to feel pain in his heel when he touched the ground and pain in his Achilles tendon when he stepped out.

he came to see me because he had a competition coming up soon and he wanted me to do something about it as soon as possible.

visual observation and palpation

the areas of tenderness were the medial part of the heel and the lateral side of the achilles tendon. basically, we concentrate on the tender areas in this region.


concentrate acupuncture on the inner side of the heel. awareness of the achilles tendon was achieved through acupuncture on the medial and lateral sides and the center of the achilles tendon.

as a result, the pain was cured after about 2 times of treatment. he started with light jogging and is now participating in competitions.


trigger points are thought to form in muscles, but they can also form in tendons, ligaments, and periosteum. trigger points are especially likely to be formed at "heterostructural junctions," where different tissues such as "muscle to tendon," "tendon to bone," and "ligament to bone" are in contact with each other, causing pain and numbness.

acupuncture can be used to treat not only chronic pain such as stiff shoulders and back pain, but also acute conditions such as this one, as well as to help athletes who want to recover quickly and those who are unable to perform well due to old injuries.