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Case Reports

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effective for high blood pressure and palpitation of the muscles trigger Point Acupuncture

main symptoms

she has palpitations. when she feels stressed, she often feels her heartbeat suddenly and sweats suddenly.
when she went to the hospital, she was diagnosed as having menopausal symptoms. her blood pressure is also high.
when she began to feel more stressed, she started to feel stiffness in her neck and shoulders. in the past, when she was skiing, she was hit from behind and twisted her neck.
she came to our clinic because her symptoms did not improve even after treatment.

visual observation and palpation

there were no abnormalities on visual observation.
palpation revealed excessive muscle tension in the back as well as in the neck.


i judged that hypertension and stress syndrome were caused by stiffness in the neck, so i focused on the neck area.

1st to 3rd treatment: feeling better and sleeping better than the beginning. still no change in blood pressure.
4th treatment: blood pressure started to decrease little by little.
5th and 6th treatment: back treatment for palpitations. palpitations are getting much better.

after a few treatments, the symptoms seemed to disappear.


acupuncture for heart palpitations

it is said that 80% of the causes of hypertension are unknown.
however, most of it is caused by stiffness in the neck, which leads to abnormal blood pressure. this is still unrecognized, and many people have been taking high blood pressure medication for years.
palpitations are often related to muscle stiffness as well, and it is necessary to pay attention to trigger points in the back as well as neck stiffness.
in both cases, it is necessary to use acupuncture to find trigger points in areas that cannot be reached by fingers.

↑this is the trapezius muscle.

below that, there is the...

↑there is the rhomboid muscle.

and below that...

↑there is the inferior serratus posterior muscle.

all of these can cause palpitations when trigger points are formed.
ademond for stubborn palpitations symptoms...
↑around 3rd and 4th thoracic vertebrae...

We have to treat up to the thoracic multifidus muscle.

in this case, a lot of trigger points were formed due to repeated stress on the neck and back, and various symptoms appeared.
i'm glad to see that she improved quickly, as she had been suffering from the symptoms for a very long time.