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acupuncture for leaking urine

main symptoms

having leakage of urine.
he has had leaking urine since he had prostate cancer surgery. he has taken various medications, but there has been no improvement.
the symptoms seem to worsen when his back condition is bad.
he came to see us because he wanted acupuncture to help him.


acupuncture was performed on the coccygeus, pisiform, and gluteus maximus muscles.

the piriformis muscle is attached to the middle part of the sacrum.
the piriformis muscle is not counted in the pelvic floor muscle group, but I personally think that it can be classified as a pelvic floor muscle.
underneath the piriformis is a muscle called the coccygeus. this is said to be classified as one of the pelvic floor muscle groups.

What is the pelvic floor muscle group?

The pelvic floor muscle group is a general term for the transversus profundus, urethral sphincter, levator ani muscle, and coccygeus muscle.

this is a figure seen from above.
the pelvic floor muscles are in a hammock shape and support the internal organs.
when these pelvic floor muscles weaken, urine leakage occurs.
the pelvic floor muscle groups can be easily strengthened, and it is effective to do so in addition to treatment.
a simple way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles is to do the following: move to hold in urine, move to hold in stool, and so on. (don't really hold back.)
you can do this at work or while sitting on the train, so it is a good idea to do it whenever you notice.


treatment results

the amount of leaking urine decreased with each treatment, and by the 10th treatment, the leaking urine was almost gone.
by exercising the pelvic floor muscle group at home and using acupuncture to improve the blood flow to the muscles around the hips, the troubling leaking urine can be improved.
recently, there seems to be an increase in the number of symptoms in young people.

acupuncture is recommended if there is no improvement after pelvic floor muscle group exercises.