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how to treat frequent urination in the elderly

main symptom

frequent urination at night. wakes up twice at night to use the restroom.

his hobby is golf, but recently he has been unable to concentrate on his game due to frequent urination. he has tried Western medical treatments, but they don't work for him.

"can't acupuncture help me?" he came to our clinic through an introduction from a friend.

visual observation and palpation

there was no abnormality on visual observation, but when i talked to him, he told me that he walks more than 10,000 steps every day for golf and practices 3 times a week. he is quite a hard worker for his age.

however, upon palpation, overstrain in the lumbar region and the hips, as well as muscle tension in the hamstrings were strongly observed.


we judged that the overused lower body muscles were probably blocking the blood circulation, so we performed trigger point therapy mainly on the gluteus medius and hamstrings.

treatment results

after several treatments, his nighttime toilet uses improved.

"the amount of urine that comes out of the toilet at one time has increased."

"thanks to this, I can play golf more easily.

He said, "I want to enjoy golf for the rest of my life!" this is a strong hope, and treatment is continuing twice a week.


in the age of 100 years of life, there is a need to develop an approach to urological diseases as a medical treatment in the future.

if you have a urological disease, you may not be able to play sports or go on trips, and your range of activities will become limited. at the same time, elderly people have a sense of pride. this can hurt their mental health as well.

acupuncture and other treatments can help improve these symptoms and improve QOL in old age.

in fact, acupuncture is very effective in treating nighttime urination and frequency of urination, and trigger point therapy has a significant effect on the autonomic nervous system, so the effects of acupuncture can be maintained, and the results are often satisfactory.

the 3 major areas of treatment are (1) gluteus maximus, (2) gluteus medius, and (3) hamstrings. as we get older, we inevitably start to weaken the gluteus medius.

among all animals, humans have the most well-developed gluteus medius.

the gluteus medius is the most important muscle for walking upright on two legs.

as we get older, the gluteus muscles become weaker, and our hips become flatter. as a result, the stride length decreases and the circulation in the lower body, which is called the second heart, deteriorates.

the patient in this case walked 10,000 steps every day and loved to play golf, so his muscles were more developed than most patients.

therefore, the effect of the treatment appeared earlier than usual.

good luck with your age shoot.