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pain in both shoulders with possible rheumatoid arthritis

pain in both shoulders with possible rheumatoid arthritis

【female, 50s】

【female, 50s】

main symptoms

shoulder pain.
last winter, she started to have strong pain in both shoulders after doing heavy lifting.
she tried electrical therapy, but it didn't help, and the pain kept getting worse.
recently, she went to an orthopedic surgeon again and had an x-ray examination. nothing abnormal was found.
injections were given 3 or 4 times, but there was no improvement.
she was also given massage therapy. at first, her symptoms seemed good, but they soon worsened again.
as the pain in both shoulders continued, a friend of hers asked her if she had rheumatism. so, she had a checkup.
it is hard to put on and take off clothes.
originally, she was concerned about her hunchback.
sometimes she feels numbness in her arms and shoulders.

visual observation and palpation

there were no abnormalities on visual observation.
pain occurs with external rotation, internal rotation, and external rotation of the shoulder joint.
there was no morning stiffness or pain in any other joints except the shoulder joint.
the test results indicated that she did not have rheumatism.


the pain was in the front of the shoulder joint.

the treatment area focused on the infraspinatus muscle.
approaches were also made to the muscle connection between the infraspinatus muscle and the posterior deltoid fibers, as well as to the anterior deltoid fibers.

treatment results

she came for treatment twice a week.
the pain decreased immediately after the treatment, and after the 10th treatment, the initial pain of 10 was reduced to 3.
the symptoms seemed to disappear after several treatments.


in most cases of joint pain, if it is only one joint, the pain is caused by trigger points in the muscles or ligaments. however, if the following three symptoms are observed: 1) pain in both joints, 2) pain in three or more joints or both joints, and 3) stiffness in the morning, we suspect rheumatism and refer the patient to a medical institution for blood tests.
if it is not rheumatoid arthritis, it is caused by trigger points in the muscles and ligaments, and intensive treatment will be given.
even if it is rheumatoid arthritis, we often recommend treatment to improve circulation and natural therapy.

in this case, the symptoms appeared due to the activation of latent trigger points that originally existed in the patient's body due to carrying a heavy load.
sudden neck pain, sudden back pain, etc. similarly, symptoms appear only when the trigger points that were originally there are activated.
when symptoms appear, they are the result of the trigger points that were originally there.