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tension in the stomach (epigastrium), difficulty breathing, dizziness when standing up, headache, nausea

tension in the stomach (epigastrium), difficulty breathing, dizziness when standing up, headache, nausea

【female, 20s】

【female, 20s】

main symptoms

tension in the stomach. tension in her abdomen, just around her epigastrium.
feeling as if she cannot take a full breath. dizziness when standing up.
it has been a symptom for decades, and it gets worse when she feels more tense.
since she started working, she has symptoms every day. she also has headaches and nausea.
the psychosomatic medicine department diagnosed her with autonomic nervous system disorder and prescribed medication.
since she had been suffering from the same symptoms for many years, she researched trigger point therapy and came to our clinic.


for headache, nausea, and other autonomic symptoms, trigger point therapy was performed on the neck.
for tension in the stomach, the treatment focused on trigger points in the muscles of the back.

she said that she had tried various treatments for her stomach in the past, but they did not help her, so we changed our focus and treated her back related to her stomach symptoms.

the tension symptoms in the stomach improved after about 3 treatments.
the stiffness in the neck was very stiff, but the subjective symptoms improved after about 5 treatments.
there are times when the symptoms worsen due to changes in air pressure or tension at work, but the symptoms are no longer as painful as they used to be.


stomach pain and abdominal discomfort can be localized, of course, but it is important to look at the trigger points in the muscles of the back for symptoms that do not go away or for longstanding discomfort.
even long-standing back pain that does not heal easily can be treated with trigger points in the abdominal rectus muscles (the stomach muscles) and the muscles in the front of the hip joint, and the pain can disappear quickly.