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Case Reports

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panic disorder (can't ride the train, anxiety, dizziness, palpitations)

main symptoms

panic disorder.
he has not been able to ride the train for 3 years. however, when he took medication, he could get on the train somehow.
he has been diagnosed with panic disorder at a psychosomatic medicine clinic and continues to take medication while going to work.
his anxiety increases and he gets dizzy and has heart palpitations. especially when he cannot sit down on the train, his anxiety increases, and his symptoms become stronger.
blood pressure changes are also sometimes severe.

visual observation and palpation

on visual observation, there was some scoliosis.
palpation showed strong muscle tension in the cephalopopliteal and cervical platysma muscles.

muscle tension was also strongly observed at the stop of the cephalic semispinalis muscle.


1st treatment: a little pain appeared after the treatment. sluggish feeling also appeared.
3rd treatment: his body became a little more comfortable. the feeling of anxiety disappeared. he began to feel stiffness that he had not felt before.

the stiffness in the upper layer of the body was removed, and he became accustomed to the stimulation of acupuncture needles, so he began treatment for the deeper muscles.

5th treatment: no more anxiety, dizziness, or palpitations when riding the train.


most panic attacks are symptoms of sympathetic nervous system tension caused by autonomic nervous system disturbance.
if you have a stiff neck, you will experience whole body sympathetic nervous tension (with or without subjective symptoms).
cold sweat, dizziness, anxiety, palpitations, etc. are all symptoms of sympathetic nervous tension.
trigger points that form in the neck are activated by cold, stress, and ischemia.
they may appear as pain or numbness, or as panic-like symptoms.
the problem with modern medicine is that when such symptoms appear, the only treatment is to control the symptoms.

in this case, the symptoms that had not been cured after 3 years of medication, finally improved after about 5 sessions of neck acupuncture.
such cases are not rare.
when i see patients who have been taking medication for a long time, i strongly believe that neck stiffness treatment should be popularized soon.