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Case Reports

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musician diagnosed with fibromyalgia several years ago

main symptoms and interview


she was diagnosed with "fibromyalgia" 3 years ago.
at first, she felt pain as if she had broken a bone. she went from one hospital to another and underwent various tests.

as a result, she was diagnosed as such. currently, she is only on medication. she has had acupuncture before and has been receiving regular maintenance to relieve the stiffness.

sleeping is shallow by nature. she wakes up early in the morning most of the time and sleeps only about 3 hours. she is a musician and gives concerts regularly.

currently, she takes painkillers while working. she came to the clinic because she wanted something to be done....

visual observation and palpation

skin tension, sebum, and other skin observations of sympathetic nervous system tension was observed. palpation showed almost generalized swelling.


considering the past diagnosis of fibromyalgia, we decided to use more acupuncture needles to treat trigger points throughout the body.

treatment results

after the 1st treatment, her whole body swelling was reduced.

this allowed her to sleep more deeply and make her daily life much easier.

initially, treatment was given twice a week. her condition recovered with each treatment. she had a big concert the other day and it was a success. she is currently undergoing maintenance to improve her condition for the concert at the end of the year.


fibromyalgia and acupuncture

acupuncture is just one word, but there are many ways to treat it.
you can read about it in the comic at http://triggerpoint.tokyo/comic/c08/

our treatment is trigger point acupuncture treatment, which activates the parasympathetic nerve function by giving it resonations.

in many cases, fibromyalgia patients have disturbed autonomic nerve function, and sympathetic nervous tension is often strong.

when sympathetic nervous system tension continues for a long time, the body becomes hypersensitive to pain, and the body is in a state of constitutional change to feel more pain.

by using trigger point acupuncture treatment to forcibly activate the parasympathetic nervous system, the symptoms of fibromyalgia and it work well together clinically.

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