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Case Reports

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auditory hypersensitivity

main symptoms

the sound of trains and other vehicles, as well as background music in stores, echoes in her ears and causes stress.
it is fine when she is talking with other people.
she always wears earplugs or headphones to help her control it, but recently it has been getting worse. even when she sleeps, she can't sleep if there is even the slightest noise around her.
there was no specific treatment when she went to the hospital.
she came to us because she had a stiff neck and thought it might be caused by her stiff neck.

visual observation and palpation

no abnormalities were found on visual observation.
on palpation, many muscle stiffness was found in the neck and back.


because of the strong swelling in the neck, the first treatment did not concentrate on one muscle, but used acupuncture on various muscles to remove the swelling.

1st to 3rd treatment: the swelling in the neck muscles was removed and the acupuncture needles could be felt.

(longissimus capitis muscle of the head)
(splenius capitis muscle)

4th to 8th treatment: because of intensive trigger point treatment on the longissimus capitis muscle of the head and mastoid process attachment of the splenius capitis muscle, the symptoms of auditory hypersensitivity were relieved. 10 → 5. daily life became easier.
9th to 10th treatment: symptoms improved almost completely.


trigger point therapy for auditory hypersensitivity

at KUNITACHI OZAWA, we look for trigger points at the attachment of the mastoid process attachment of the splenius capitis muscle of the head for ear-related symptoms.
longissimus capitis muscle of the head is a thin muscle, so it is difficult to put an acupuncture needle on it and make it feel. however, it is easier to get feel if the surrounding muscle swelling is removed before treatment begins.
it is often said that stress and psychological factors are the cause of auditory hypersensitivity, but it is also necessary to consider the fact that it is caused by trigger points in the muscles.