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Case Reports

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sudden hearing loss

main symptoms

one day, he suddenly lost his hearing in his right ear.
after an audiological examination at an otolaryngologist, he was diagnosed with sudden hearing loss.


at first, i thought he was stressed from the examination, but he didn't need to take the examination, and he didn't express any stress.

visual observation and palpation

when i looked at his upper body, there was an abnormality in the position of his shoulder blades.
palpation of the muscles revealed abnormal tension in the muscles of the right neck and shoulder joint area.
i judged that this was one of the symptoms caused by the stiffness of the skeletal muscles and performed acupuncture treatment.

treatment results

since she was highly sensitive to pain, we used thin needles for treatment.

1st treatment: 10 → 7, a little audible.
2nd treatment: 7 → 4, symptoms improved significantly.
3rd treatment: 4 → 2, much better. one more treatment before the new semester.

sudden hearing loss is a disease that is largely related to stress, but there is also sudden hearing loss that comes from "muscles" like this.
i'm glad that early treatment led to an early recovery.


ear symptoms caused by stiffness

ear-related symptoms such as dizziness, ear ringing, hearing loss, and ear blockage may be caused by acupuncture points in the neck.
the otolaryngologist will perform a variety of tests, but in many cases, the root cause cannot be determined.
even if the cause is there, it is not always clear whether it is really the cause of the current symptoms.
ear-related symptoms are difficult to treat.
acupuncture is a very effective treatment for ear-related symptoms.
whenever there is an ear-related symptom, there is a bad part there.
for example, even severe shoulder stiffness can cause symptoms such as ear blockage, ear ringing, and hearing loss.
this means that acupuncture is effective for bad parts of the skeletal muscles around the neck.