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Case Reports

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chronic back pain to severe back pain

main symptoms

she has always had lower back pain.
it has shifted to severe back pain several times in the past.
this time, she experienced a severe pain that seemed to pop from her lower back to her pelvis.
she could barely reach the bed, and it was the worst back pain she has ever had.
for 3 days now, she has been bedridden, and although she finally went to the hospital, they only prescribed her some medicine, which she has been taking and resting for 3 days.
the numbness is also very strong and does not improve easily.
it is hard for her to stand up from a sitting position and she is unable to work.
she came to our clinic because she wanted something to be done as soon as possible.

visual observation and palpation

she had difficulty standing up from the chair in the waiting room.
when she lay down on the treatment bed, we stretched her lower back with some towels to create a comfortable posture.

palpation revealed tenderness in the upper part of the longissimus lumbar muscle.


the first treatment was acupuncture only, as manual treatment might increase the amount of stress.

1st treatment: 10→5. symptoms improved by half after one treatment. she was able to walk, but the pain reappeared when she pushed too hard.
2nd treatment: symptoms fluctuated, but gradually got better.
5th treatment: 5→1. mostly good. no more problems in daily life, but discomfort in the lower back occurs when straining.

acupuncture was applied to the lumbar multifidus muscle, which is deeper than the longissimus lumbar muscle, to solve the underlying problem.

7th treatment: daily life and discomfort in the lower back disappeared.


in this case, her chronic lower back pain worsened so rapidly that she was unable to fall asleep.
chronic lower back pain is a condition in which trigger points are scattered in the lower back and have not been resolved radically.
the so-called " back sprain" is also a condition in which trigger points in the lower back are suddenly activated and subjective symptoms appear.
in the same way, in this case, because of the repetition of chronic back pain and acute back pain, the symptoms may have become acute back pain at a level where the subjective symptoms do not subside naturally.
in this case, it is no longer possible to suppress the symptoms with medication, so direct physical therapy to the affected area is necessary.

this is the time of year when the human body also suddenly feels unwell due to sudden changes in atmospheric pressure.
it is especially important to be careful when the weather turns from warm to cold.
the brain remembers that it was warm, and the muscles were moving, and it is not uncommon for the muscles to become stiff due to the sudden cold, and then hurt due to overexertion.

there is always a trigger point somewhere that is the cause of the sudden onset of symptoms.
finding and treating them is the fastest way to improve.