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Case Reports

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shoulder pain and thumb tendinitis after a fall on a bicycle

main complaint

a few months ago, she fell on her bicycle and fell on her hands and knees.
her hands and knees were fine, but then her right shoulder started to hurt instead of her right hand.
she left it for about a month because she was busy with work and didn't have time to go to the hospital.
an MRI was taken, but no cause was found.
she went through rehabilitation, but there was no improvement at all.
at the same time, she twisted her left thumb while picking up a heavy package and could not get rid of the pain.
when she was protecting her thumb, her left shoulder also started to hurt.
both of her shoulders are hurting, and she can't do anything about it.
she works in a vehicle and her shoulder hurts a lot due to the balance when she makes a turn.
her right shoulder doesn't go up more than 90 degrees.
her left shoulder hurts when she starts to move it.
the left thumb is very painful when she grips it with her thumb inside.

visual observation and palpation

there were no abnormalities on visual observation, but palpation showed that the pain was coming from the surface muscles.
there was no problem with the knee, and trigger points were found in the infraspinatus and deltoid muscles due to the strain on the shoulder caused by the intervening external force when the right hand was held.
palpation and muscle contraction of the left thumb area revealed strong muscle stiffness in the short thumb extensor and long thumb abductor muscles.


she received treatment twice a week.
treatment area: right infraspinatus muscle, deltoid muscle, short thumb extensor muscle, long thumb abductor muscle

were created in the scapular spinous area and acromion area were carefully treated.
the infraspinatus muscle was treated mainly at the muscle connection with the deltoid posterior fibers.

for the thumb, treatment was given to the tendons and muscle bellies of the short thumb extensor and long thumb abductor muscles.

treatment results

the pain gradually decreased, and after 7 times of treatment, the pain was almost in relief.


what is the indirect external force?

when you hold your hand, the direct external force acts on your hand, but the force can be conducted and cause pain in other parts of the body. when you hold your hand, the impact reaches your shoulder.
in some cases, the collarbone may be broken even though the hand was held down.
in a car accident, the impact from the sole of the foot can dislocate the hip joint.

for example, if you land on your feet hard, the force will be transmitted to your knees and to your hip joint.

this means that when a sudden external force is applied, a trigger point is formed there.