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Case Reports

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Knee pain diagnosed as osteoarthritis

main symptoms

she has strong knee pain.
she was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee at an orthopedic doctor.
she was prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine, but it did not help.
recently, she felt a little pain in her lower back, and then knee pain suddenly appeared.
she can bend and stretch her knees, but it is difficult to drive a car.
it's hard for her to play tennis, which she loves, to the best of her ability.

thinking back, she had suffered from the same symptoms once before, 4 years ago.
at that time, the symptoms disappeared spontaneously, but this time, the pain was not going away.

she came to our clinic by introduction of her family.

visual observation and palpation

no abnormality was found during the visual observation.
palpation revealed tenderness in the posterior part of the knee.
there were also stiffnesses in the lower back and hips.


we judged that the knee pain was the result of poor pelvic movement caused by unnoticed stiffness in the lower back muscles and hips, which put a strain on the knee, so we focused our treatment on the lower back and hips.

the stiffness was found in the gluteus medius muscle.
tennis involves a lot of lateral movement, which tends to put a lot of strain on the gluteus medius muscle.

treatment results

1st treatment: 10→5. pain was reduced to half. Still can't play tennis.
3rd treatment: 5→3. almost recovered.
5th treatment: 3→0. symptoms improve. she was able to return to tennis.


relationship between hip, knee, and lower back

i'll write more about the relationship between the lower back, hips, and knees in the next article, but if the lower back and hips become stiff unconsciously, it becomes difficult to move the pelvis, and the knee is burdened by the inability to escape the force.
in some people, the ankles are also affected.
anatomically, the muscles of the lower back are attached to the pelvis, and the flow of events is as follows: (1) the lower back deteriorates → (2) stress is placed on the hips → (3) stress is placed on the knees and ankles.

if you only look at the painful parts, you will not be able to heal what can be healed.
checking the condition of the key points of the lower body is an important part of treatment.