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brain misidentification and autonomic nerve symptoms are involved pain in the left hip joint and numbness in both legs

brain misidentification and autonomic nerve symptoms are involved pain in the left hip joint and numbness in both legs



main symptoms

pain in the left hip joint.
it has been a symptom for many years.
when it was serious, the pain was constant and the numbness was strong, making it difficult to walk.
in the beginning, the numbness was noticeable in the area below the knee, but as soon as it lessened, pain and numbness began to appear in various parts of the body.
she had received various treatments in the past, including orthopedic surgery and osteopathic clinics, but there was no improvement at all.
she has been transferred from one clinic to another and has not seen any improvement, which has made her feel very depressed.
she came to our clinic after seeing our website.

visual observation and palpation

on visual observation, lumbar kyphosis was strongly observed.
palpation showed muscle stiffness in the gluteus medius muscle.


gluteus medius muscle and tibialis anterior muscle.

1st treatment: fatigue continued for 2 days.
3rd treatment: there was no improvement, but the comfortable feeling after treatment continued. the change is better than the previous treatments, which gives her hope.
5th treatment: the pain changed from 10→7.
10th treatment: symptoms are reduced to half, from 7→5.
11th to 15th treatment: symptoms remain at 5, and there is no change.

change of treatment

the reason for the lack of change in symptoms was judged to be the possibility of the brain's misidentification because the symptoms of "hip pain and numbness in the legs" had been troubling her for a long time, and the hypersensitivity to pain caused by the disorder of the autonomic nervous system. the treatments were changed to remove stiffness in the neck and regulate autonomic nerve system function while continuing the hip joint treatment.

16th treatment: immediately after starting the neck treatment, the symptoms of numbness in the hip joint and legs changed from 5→3.
18th treatment: she was able to go about her daily life without worrying about her symptoms. 3→2

the symptoms seem to have disappeared after several treatments.


misidentification of the brain and the autonomic nervous system

in the process of treating chronic pain, it is always necessary to understand the relationship between brain misidentification and the autonomic nervous system.
i will write more about this later, but for example, what if the same symptoms continue for 2-3 years?
of course, your brain will think, "i have pain here".
in the same way that your back hurts when you wash your face every day, your brain will misrecognize that your back hurts when you wash your face.
however, we should not blame the brain for everything.
the fact may be that you have a problem with your back.

in addition to the brain's misidentification, there is also the possibility that one of the factors activating trigger points in the lower back is a disturbance in the autonomic nervous system.
when the autonomic nervous system is disturbed, it can cause hypersensitivity to pain.
it is the autonomic nervous system disorder that makes you feel 10 or 20 the pain that is only 5.

many of the factors causing autonomic nerve system disturbance are hidden trigger points in the neck.

in clinical practice, the remaining 30% of symptoms are the most difficult to treat.

to cure the remaining 30% of symptoms, it is necessary to consider the relationship between the brain's misunderstanding and the autonomic nervous system, as in this case.