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Case Reports

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headache, shoulder pain, cold hands, stiffness of fingers

main symptoms

having a headache. left shoulder pain. symptoms are especially strong when feeling anxious, such as when thinking or riding the train.
around two and a half months ago, her health condition became even worse, and her shoulder pain and headache worsened.
around noon, it becomes heavier and heavier. in the evening, her hand became cold and stiff.
no numbness. there was no trauma to the forearm in the past.
there is no abnormality in the range of motion of the shoulder joint.

visual observation and palpation

on visual observation, sweaty hands and tension of the infraspinatus muscle were observed.
palpation revealed strong muscle tension, especially in the neck.


to adjust the headache and autonomic nervous system disorder, we focused on the treatment of the neck.
since coldness and stiffness of the hands could be caused by hyperhidrosis of the hands due to sympathetic tension, local hand treatment was also added in addition to neck treatment.

shoulder pain was treated at the same time because the tension in the infraspinatus muscle was strong.

treatment results

1st treatment: headache slightly decreased.
3rd treatment: symptoms are in waves. however, they are better than at the beginning.
5th treatment: headaches become less bothersome, but there are still times when she cannot move after evening.
8th treatment: no more subjective symptoms of headache. shoulder pain also disappeared. coldness in the hands remains.

the symptoms seem to have disappeared after several treatments.


hand sweat

sweating of the hands and feet is called psychogenic sweating, and sweating occurs when the mind is tense.
even when it is hot, the bottom of the hands and feet do not sweat. we sweat when we are mentally tense.
only sympathetic nerves are distributed in the sweat glands.
in other words, the autonomic nervous system is disturbed and patients with sympathetic nervous tension are sweating their hands and feet.
palmar hyperhidrosis
hyperhidrosis of the feet and legs

there is a name for this disease in japanese. some people have a serious symptom where sweat drips from the bottom of their hands and feet.
sweating in the peripheral areas can lead to terminal coldness.

by adjusting the autonomic nervous system, these symptoms can be improved.