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pain in the left shoulder, neck and arm that is always painful. daily physical distortion.

pain in the left shoulder, neck and arm that is always painful. daily physical distortion.

【female, 40s】

【female, 40s】

main symptoms

her neck, shoulders, back, and shoulders always hurt. especially the left shoulder is painful.
she had injured her leg in the past, which triggered a feeling of strain in her whole body.
she feels dizzy and stressed to keep her balance. she still goes to the dentist for unexplained jaw pain and toothache.
she has been getting massages for 10 years, but it has not helped her pain.
she felt that perhaps trigger points in her body might be the cause, so she researched on the internet.
she had tried acupuncture several times before, but she was not very good at it and it did not improve her pain.
her body strain was bothering her, her neck pain was getting worse, and she was having trouble sleeping.
she wanted to get rid of her body. that's why she came to our clinic.

visual observation and palpation

on visual observation, the height of the scapula was severely abnormal, and there was always muscle tension around the scapula.
the neck was also very swollen and difficult to palpate.

as she was not good at acupuncture, we decided to treat her with the thinnest needles.


she was treated with manual therapy and thin acupuncture needles, taking great care not to overload the surrounding muscles.

1st treatment: swelling disappears.
2nd treatment: the neck begins to rotate.
3rd treatment: no more worrying about the balance of the body. no more waking up in pain at night.
4th treatment: the patient is recovering well.

the symptoms seem to have disappeared after a few treatments.


what is distortion?

congenital distortions caused by lateral arthritis, congenital hip dislocation, etc. are difficult to completely reverse.
however, in many cases, people who are bothered by distortions do not have distorted bones, but rather trigger points in the muscles that cause the distortion.
for example, if you have a trigger point in your back, you will hunch over to stretch your back.
if you have a trigger point in your lower back, your posture will be poor.
if there is a trigger point in the neck, the neck will move forward when working on the computer.
if you have trigger points in your neck, you will unconsciously cross your legs.

there is a law of the human body that says, "muscles with trigger points will unconsciously stretch".
since this is the cause of the distortion, the posture will return once the trigger point is removed.
the strain will also improve if it is not too strong.
if you wear a skirt and it spins, it is because you have unconscious habits in the way you walk.
as for the height of the shoulder blades, since there are 17 muscles attached to the shoulder blades, if a trigger point is created in one of the muscles, the height will naturally change.