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diagnosed with morton's disease, plantar fasciitis... tingling pain in sole of foot and toes that does not improve easily

diagnosed with morton's disease, plantar fasciitis... tingling pain in sole of foot and toes that does not improve easily

【female, 40s】

【female, 40s】

main symptoms and medical interview

pain at the tip of the foot and at the base of the toe that has kept coming up for several years.
she likes shoes and has always worn 10cm heels.

3 or 4 years ago, she started to have pain at the base of her toes and the tip of her feet. the orthopedic surgeon did not find anything wrong with her.

she visited the hospital once or twice a week for rehabilitation. after that, she went to a private osteopathic clinic and had adjustments, but there was no improvement. she went to another orthopedic clinic once again.

after that, she was diagnosed with "plantar fasciitis" and "morton's disease". in addition to the pain, she also gets tingling and sudden numbness.

the pain in her lower back has been going on since she gave birth to her child about 15 years ago. sometimes there is a pain that feels like a shin splitting. after all, even if a diagnosis is given, there is no tendency for improvement, so she came to the clinic and asked for something to be done.

visual observation and palpation

there was no abnormality in the shape of her feet (high arch or big toe). however, there was a blister (hardened part) at the base of toe (3) probably due to the long-time heeled lifestyle.

she said that it was the most painful part when she walked.


considering the question "why are these symptoms appearing?", acupuncture was applied intensively to the affected area (flexor digitorum brevis and third finger tendon of flexor digitorum brevis) while treating the stiffness in the lower back and hip.

1st treatment → pain scale reduced from 10 to half of 5. there was hope.

3rd treatment → pain still occurs when moving.

10th treatment → symptoms are gradually improving.

15th treatment → recovery was delayed because the area is usually subjected to a lot of stress, but compared to the initial condition, the pain level is still 1.

she is now aiming to improve her condition from the lower back to prevent the remaining pain and similar symptoms from occurring in the future.


foot symptoms

many people suffer from plantar fasciitis, morton's disease, and other foot problems.

if you imagine the load vector caused by high arches, bunions, etc., you can imagine that the soles of the feet are under a lot of strain and trigger points are formed.

when it comes to the soles of the feet, you need to ask yourself, "why is the burden being placed there?" in many cases, the treatment prognosis is better if you think about why the foot is being stressed and examine not only the affected area but also the environment from the lower back to the hip.

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