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Case Reports

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radial nerve palsy

main symptoms

last October. he was asleep on the train and noticed that his wrist did not wake up when he tried to take his wallet to exit the ticket gate.
thinking it was a brain disease, he went to the emergency room and had a CT scan, but there was no abnormality and he was diagnosed as "drooping hand due to radial nerve palsy".
he went to an orthopedic doctor and underwent overtime treatment, but there was no improvement at all.
he came to our clinic because his symptoms were still the same even after 4 months of treatment.

visual observation and palpation

on visual observation, there was almost no muscle contraction. palpation showed that the extensor muscles of the forearm were stiff due to the long time that had passed.

(when the hand is drooping, the wrist joint cannot be dorsiflexed like this.)


since a long time had passed, intensive treatment was given 3 times a week.
direct acupuncture to the radial nerve and approach to the forearm extensor muscles were used.

no change was observed until the 5th treatment.
after 10 treatments, he recovered to be able to use scissors.
by the 15th treatment, he could play the piano a little.
at the time of the 20th treatment, he had recovered to the point where he could extend his hand joints to a large extent.

he is now able to play the piano again and can work.

however, he said that playing the piano for a long time causes fatigue in his arms, so we plan to take care of that as well.