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lower back pain and knee pain in weightlifters

lower back pain and knee pain in weightlifters

【24 years old male weightlifter】

【24 years old male weightlifter】

he has lower back pain when lifting weights.
he had been to chiropractic clinic, osteopathic clinic, acupuncture clinic, etc., but could not get well.

main symptoms

lower back pain and left knee pain while lifting weights. there was also pain after practice.


lower back: longissimus lumbar musclelongest muscle, multifidus muscle, gluteus medius muscle
knee: vastus medialis muscle, vastus lateralis muscle

visual observation and palpation

manual therapy revealed muscle tension in the longissimus lumbar muscle (especially on the left side) and gluteus medius muscle (especially on the left side).
in the case of weightlifting, if you don't balance equally on both legs, the load will not be distributed, and you will not be able to exert your strength.
a slight physical strain can lead to a dangerous accident.
this athlete had unintentionally injured his left gluteus medius muscle and left knee joint component muscle due to left foot loading.
he said he had received various treatments, but he felt that perhaps he had not given this much thought to his treatment.

pain Scale

1st treatment: 10 to 3. he was able to move considerably.
2nd treatment: 3 to 0. he was able to practice more densely.
3rd time: 0→2. pain occurs when he moves too much and am not careful.

We continue to provide treatment once a week in the future.


there are unique movements in sports.
for example, just by carefully feeling the muscles, you can find out where the burden is being placed?
what kind of care is needed in the future?
you can find out.
what athletes need is "body building to prevent injury" and "future treatment plan".
i heard that he won all japan weightlifting competition the other day.
we are happy to see the results.

it is often the case that elderly people and patients with chronic pain do not heal well.
however, since they have been using that part of the body all their lives, it is necessary to take care of it regularly when pain occurs.
recently, I have often thought that the therapist needs to try to keep the patient in treatment.
this is because we need to activate the natural healing power of our patients through acupuncture and manual techniques, rather than prescribing medication like doctors and waiting for the symptoms to ease.
in many cases, the natural healing power of the elderly and patients with chronic pain is in decline.
therefore, the treatment is designed to revive the natural healing power and improve the quality of life in the future.
in fact, the treatment of athletes is easy to get results if you aim precisely.
the results are even better for those who have good muscle quality to begin with.
in some cases, athletes have a lot of psychogenic pain.
"what if i don't do well in the next competition..."
"i want to make a good time..."
such mental tension can also cause pain.
personally, i believe that communication with the therapist is also important in the treatment of athletes.
it is important to "achieve results together".
i want to achieve good results in treatment.
the patient must achieve good results in the competition.
it is said that pain is the most primitive sensation in the human body.
that is why it is so difficult.