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Case Reports

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longstanding back pain and numbness from the lower back to the feet

main symptoms

lower back pain.
i have had lower back pain for 2-3 years.
he has been to many orthopedic clinics and osteopaths, but there has been no improvement.
when it was worse, he could not get in and out of the car, and he had numbness from his lower back to his feet.
he was also diagnosed with sciatica.
he had never tried acupuncture before, but the pain was so terrible that he decided to come to the clinic after consultation.

visual observation and palpation

there were no abnormalities on visual observation.
palpation revealed muscle stiffness in the longissimus lumbar muscle, the lower part of the multifidus muscle, the attachment of the superior and posterior iliac spine of the gluteus maximus muscle, and the gluteus medius muscle.
particularly in the superior and posterior iliac spine of the gluteus maximus, recognition sensation appeared from the stage of palpation and numbness was reproduced.


●uperior and posterior iliac spine of gluteus maximus, medius, longissimus muscle, lower part of multifidus

longissimus muscle<muscle of multifidus at the inner side of this muscle>
superior and posterior iliac spine of the gluteus maximus muscle, and the medius muscle

to alleviate the pain at an early stage, intensive acupuncture treatment was performed.
after a total of 8 treatments, the pain was cured.

1st treatment: the pain was slightly reduced, but the numbness seemed to have become stronger.
3rd treatment: the pain continued to be reduced. numbness also returned to normal.
6th treatment: pain was greatly reduced. however, there was a wave depending on the day. numbness slightly reduced.
8th treatment: pain almost improved. However, the numbness remained.

after several treatments, the symptoms seemed to disappear.


back pain for many years

the muscles of the lower back are all attached to the pelvis.
in other words, the more you have back pain over the years, the more your pelvic rotation is reduced, and the more load is applied to the hip muscles (gluteus maximus and medius muscles), making it easier for trigger points to form.
when trigger points are formed in the hips, numbness can occur in the back and sides of the legs.
if the trigger point is in a deep muscle, numbness may occur in the shin or even in the calf.
longstanding back pain is often caused by trigger points forming in the deeper parts of the body, and these will not improve with finger pressure or manual manipulation.
acupuncture, which is a direct physical therapy, is the only way to achieve a cure.
in our clinic, we recognize that "the cause of pain is trigger points" and "pain = trigger points are hidden in the surrounding area.