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acupuncture for Infertility

main symptoms

she has been married for 4 years and started fertility treatment last year.
she has been going to a women's clinic for the past one year.
she came to our clinic as a referral from her family.


in this case of fertility treatment, we did not treat the upper part of her body but focused only on the muscles shown in the above figure, with treatment twice a week.
there was obvious swelling and coldness in the lower legs, and we took the time to treat the trigger points in the deeper muscles.
there was no change until the 10th treatment.
after the 15th treatment, her coldness and swelling started to improve, and she became aware of it.
during her long treatment at the women's clinic, she had her first pregnancy reaction after about the 20th treatment, but unfortunately it did not go well.
however, she said that she had never had any reaction before and was glad to have such a reaction when her body started to change after she started acupuncture.
after the 20th treatment, she finally reported that she was pregnant.
she reported that she had given birth safely and was growing up well.
she also said that she would like to have a second child as well.


KUNITACHI OZAWA's treatment policy for infertility treatment

our fertility treatment is based on our experience with cold feet, swollen feet, etc. "treating the trigger points in this area improved the cause of coldness and led to an improvement in constitution," and "treating the trigger points in this area solved the cause of swollen feet and led to an improvement in blood flow throughout body". we do not use the flow of qi, acupuncture points, or the pulse of oriental medicine in our treatments.
we only treat people based on our experience and the condition of each person's body.
therefore, each person is treated in a different way.
even if it is the same muscle, the acupuncture points are different.
if you look up fertility treatment on the Internet, acupuncture is always listed.
on my website, i fully declare that acupuncture is effective in treating pain, numbness, other complaints, spinal canal stenosis, disc herniation, and other conditions.
however, we have not reported on the treatment of infertility because of the difficulties involved.
to improve the physical condition of the body, it is important to find and treat the trigger points that cause coldness and swelling, so that changes can be seen at an early stage.
even stubborn symptoms can be improved with persistent treatment.
we will treat you based on our experience, without overlooking the symptoms you notice yourself, as well as other symptoms that you are not aware of.
i hope that this will help you to achieve good results.