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Case Reports

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stiff neck, autonomic nervous system disorder, stress syndrome, and insomnia, difficulty waking up, dizziness

main symptoms

he has had a stiff neck for a long time. 5 years ago, he had a sharp pain in his right arm, and when he went to an orthopedic surgeon, they told him he had cervicobrachial syndrome.
i gradually received various treatments and the symptoms went into relief, but last year the symptoms came back again.
he started to feel dullness in his arms, autonomic nervous system disturbance, insomnia, and difficulty waking up in the morning. sometimes he also gets dizzy.
he always felt as if his neck were tense, and his body would sometimes twitch. the pain behind the eyes, headaches, and dizziness had recently become even stronger, and various treatments had failed to improve the symptoms.
he found our clinic's website and came to our clinic.


because the right semispinal muscle of the neck was overstrained, we intensively treated the affected area.

treatment results

no change was seen from the 1st to the 5th treatment.
i changed the treatment from once a week to twice a week.
various complaints disappeared from the 6th to 10th treatment.
dizziness, insomnia, and headaches were relieved, and he felt stronger against stress.
from the 11th to the 15th treatment, the symptoms of muscle twitching also began to be better.

the symptoms seem to have disappeared after the next few treatments.


disease name and symptoms

in recent years, there have been many symptoms that do not have a disease name. at the same time, because there are so many such symptoms, it is not uncommon for treatment to be delayed by giving an indeterminate name to the disease.
for example, ears ringing, sudden hearing loss, high blood pressure, etc. are not names of diseases, but a list of symptoms.
if there is a symptom, there is always a trigger point.
find the trigger points and treat the symptoms.
i think that is the important part.