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Case Reports

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tongue pain (sore tongue ), discomfort in the mouth, inability to take deep breaths, difficulty in sensing smells

main symptoms

at first, she had a toothache and had a dental check-up. after that, for some reason, her tongue felt like it was tingling and prickling. she feels as if her tongue is always numb.
when it was bad, she felt as if she was being stabbed by something.
when she went to the hospital, she was diagnosed as having sore tongue.
she has been feeling uncomfortable in her mouth all the time and feel stressed.
she went to many hospitals, but they could not find the cause. So, she was prescribed antidepressants and has been taking them for a long time.
recently, her symptoms became worse, and she could not sleep. she cannot breathe deeply.
she has a habit of holding her teeth for a long time.
because of the constant pain, she is worried about the position of her tongue, which is mentally distressing.
recently, her sense of smell has become insensitive, making it difficult for her to perceive smells or even the taste of food.

treatment plan

She was diagnosed as having sore tongue at the hospital but based on my past experience of clinical training for patients with sore tongue, i judged that it was not sore tongue, but a complaint caused by a disorder of autonomic nerve function.
i performed detailed palpation where i could touch the cervical muscles, and where i could see the point with acupuncture needles, i searched for the point and treated it.

treatment results

the treatment focused on the semispinalis and platysma of the head and included treatment of the deep multifidus and rotator cuff muscles.
after about 5th treatment, she was able to sleep better and breathe easier.
after about 10th treatment, her sense of smell came back a little, she started to enjoy cooking a little, and recently, the tingling and prickling sensation on her tongue gradually decreased.

after a few treatments, the symptoms seemed to disappear.


Symptoms in the mouth

Feeling uncomfortable in the mouth, too much (or too little) spit, feeling like your teeth are constantly hitting each other, tongue pain, tongue position.

it is not rare to find symptoms in the mouth.
it is not uncommon for them to be put together as, " it could be psychological," as in this case. and medication is often recommended.

these symptoms are not only related to the autonomic nervous system, but also to the chewing muscles (muscles that bite things), trigger points in the neck muscles, and trigger points in the side of the neck.

not only mouth symptoms, but also nose symptoms are often caused by a stiff neck.
in Western medicine, this is a symptom of otorhinolaryngology, but the cause of these symptoms is often unknown, and there are many cases where the symptoms do not improve even after years of medication.
if the symptoms have been present for a long time, it may take some time to improve, but even with other symptoms, problems from the neck up can greatly reduce the quality of the patient's daily life.
the symptoms may worsen during the change of seasons.

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