Kunitachi Ozawa Acupuncture Clinic.

Case Reports

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main symptoms

whole body fatigue
her neck was particularly painful. her whole body is tired anyway, and she also has easy fatigue and stomachache.
high blood pressure
usually, 160 to 180


the cause of hypertension is unknown in 90% of cases.
and 10% is symptomatic (high blood pressure caused by disease).
there are two types of hypertension.
the unexplained ones are related to various factors such as stress, autonomic nervous system, neck and shoulder tension, CNMS (cervical neuromuscular syndrome), and overstrain (sympathetic nervous tension symptoms).
in the case of this patient, he was running a family business at home and almost never had a day off.
naturally, when the sympathetic nervous system is tense, sleep becomes shallow, and fatigue does not go away.
in the neck area, relaxation of tension and autonomic nerve regulation.
in the shoulder area, we focused on improving the movement around the shoulder blades.

treatment areas

neck: multifidus muscle, semispinalis muscle, and suboccipital muscle group
shoulder area: trapezius, levator scapulae, and infraspinatus muscles
trigger point therapy, which is effective for autonomic nervous system diseases, was practiced on these muscles.

pain scale

1st treatment → shoulder became a little soft, but no change
2nd treatment → a little fatigue came off.
3rd treatment → gradually became more comfortable. sleeping became better.
4th treatment → blood pressure started to decrease.
5th treatment → stopped taking blood pressure medication because it made her blood pressure drop even more.
6th treatment → her blood pressure has stabilized, and her condition has improved significantly.
7th treatment → the body improved to her satisfaction level.


acupuncture treatment is effective for hypertension.
i have treated about 20 cases of hypertension in the past, and the results have all been good.
there are 100 people who think, "i have high blood pressure, so let's do acupuncture treatment!" is probably 2 to 3 out of 100, so the awareness that acupuncture can improve high blood pressure is too low.

in my opinion, it is better for the body to use acupuncture as a natural therapy than to go to a hospital and take medicine.
after all, antihypertensive drugs do not fundamentally cure the disease, so those who are currently taking them should use acupuncture treatment while taking them to monitor their blood pressure condition.

by the way, for those with a short history, manual therapy treatment is also expected to lower blood pressure.
acupuncture treatment and manual therapy is a good investment if you think that you can prevent secondary diseases caused by high blood pressure by loosening the muscles in the neck and shoulder area, even with manual techniques.
acupuncture treatment is a good preventive medicine if it can prevent cerebrovascular disorders and heart diseases, which are secondary diseases caused by hypertension.
cerebrovascular disorders and heart diseases occur suddenly.
it is too late after they occur, so highly recommend acupuncture treatment for hypertension.