Kunitachi Ozawa Acupuncture Clinic.

Case Reports

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ear’s ringing, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, ear blockage

main symptoms

ear’s ringing, dizziness, and nausea.
symptoms are stronger during seasonal changes. sometimes he feels uncomfortable and puts it back.
no appetite. he has been absent from work for almost a week.
he has been to an otolaryngologist, hematologist, etc. and has been prescribed medication. it is said that autonomic nervous system disorder is also a cause.

visual observation and palpation

no specific abnormality was found on visual observation.
on palpation, skin tension was found to be strong, and lack of sleep, sensitivity to stress were found to be strong.


he asked us to provide only acupuncture because he had felt sick during massage therapy in the past.

since his skin was very tense, we applied small acupuncture points to loosen the tension.

after about 3rd treatments, his symptoms gradually improved and he was able to return to work.


what is skin tension?

in clinical practice, the condition of the skin (rash, pigment, standing hair, hardness) is also checked.
skin conditions of sympathetic nervous system tension can be particularly helpful in treatment.
one such condition is skin tension, which simply means that the skin is hard.
one of the most common symptoms is skin tension, which simply means that the skin is stiff.
skin tension can be caused by (1) stress, (2) lack of sleep, and other small things.

in fact, it is very important that the skin moves, so that the muscles underneath can move smoothly.
in other words, if the skin is tight, the muscles and tendons underneath will not be able to move smoothly.
if there is too much skin tension in the back, the muscles underneath will not be able to move smoothly, which can cause various stiffnesses.

it is important in clinical practice to look not only at the muscles, but also at the skin.