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Case Reports

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ear’s ringing, dizziness, staggering when turning around or looking at something moving

main symptoms

ears ringing and dizziness.
she has been suffering from these symptoms for the past 20 years. recently, she has not been going to the hospital at all because of the limitation of the hospital treatment, and she has been living her life as she pleases.
the ringing in her ears is like the buzzing of a cicada, and it goes on and on. when she stands up, turn around, or look at something moving, she feel staggered and dizzy.
she has hazy vision and sometimes sees things in multiple layers. she had a circulatory system surgery the year before and suffered from physical fatigue due to rapid weight loss.
she is afraid to take a bath and sometimes feels like falling down when she stands up from the bathroom.
her blood pressure is also high, sometimes over 150 without medication.
she wondered if it would ever go away since she had been suffering from it for a long time and came to the decision to come to our clinic on the recommendation of her family.

visual observation and palpation

she had a straight neck, heavy tension in her shoulders and neck area, and pain was strong even with light manipulation, so we decided to use light manual therapy and focus on acupuncture.


neck: semispinalis, platysma, and levator scapulae muscles
neck and shoulders: trapezius and rhomboid muscles

1st to 5th treatment: she feels quite dull after the treatment. no improvement yet.
6th to 10th treatment: dizziness disappears. the overall pain remains.
11th to 15th treatment: ear’s ringing becomes less annoying. dizziness and staggering disappeared.
16th to 20th treatment: she feels more comfortable and can lead a relatively healthy daily life.


acupuncture when there is an underlying disease

in clinical practice, we find that there is no equal relationship between an underlying disease and the current painful symptoms.
side effects from medication.
stress due to decreased QOL.
symptoms caused by muscle stiffness.
even if you have an underlying disease, you can recover your condition by simply treating the trigger points in your body.
are your current symptoms caused by an underlying disease?
or is it due to a change in lifestyle? stress. Is it due to muscle stiffness?

most of the cases are associated with underlying diseases.
there are nearly 200 joints and 500 muscles in the human body.
to make your body as comfortable as possible, you may want to take a look at the stiffness in your body.