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Case Reports

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preventive acupuncture

this is a case of preventive acupuncture for a patient who has been coming to our clinic continuously.

main symptom

every year around june to july, she gets serious pain in her back and becomes bedridden.
she had a history of falling down the stairs in the past and injured her thoracic spine.
painful tenderness in the thoracic vertebrae 3 to 8, just above the spinous process and the lateral side of the spinous process.


preventive acupuncture

last year, she came to our clinic after the pain started, and had daily acupuncture treatment for 15 times.
she said, "I don't want to go through that every year," so she started regular acupuncture treatments once a week.
this year, she has no symptoms at all and is doing her favorite work in the farm.
even though she used to have symptoms every year during the rainy season from falling down the stairs, this year she has been able to live a healthy life without any symptoms because of maintenance, and her face became very bright.
i think preventive acupuncture is very important.
“curing the disease that has not yet been cured"...this is the future.
in addition, we use trigger point therapy to treat the untreated diseases.
trigger point therapy not only improves pain and numbness, but also directly leads to preventive acupuncture, such as beta-endorphin secretion, anti-stress effect, and activation of the immune system through resonance sensation.
from now on, we are not an aging society, but an elderly society.
the cabinet office seems to be thinking a lot about the aging society. ↓
...however, if we just think about it, before long we will not be able to make it.
we can say, "no nuclear power!" for nuclear power plants, but "de-aging" for an aging society is not an option. as long as we are alive, aging is bound to come.
if that is the case, i would like the elderly to stay healthy. and i want the baby boomers who are going to become the elderly to stay healthy! ...that's what I think.
for example, if Western medicine is developed to an ultra-level and there is a rejuvenation drug (you will be 5 years younger after taking this!), that would be the best way to stay healthy.
how to live with old age in a healthy and enjoyable way?
it is a difficult question to answer, but we would like to help the people in our community achieve good health through preventive acupuncture.