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Case Reports

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headache, throbbing pain in the neck, fever at night, feel like a cold all the time, and mouth ulcers that don't heal.

main symptoms

his fever has not gone down for about two weeks.
he always had a slight fever, which rose to nearly 38℃ at night. he had a headache all the time, and his neck throbbed even when he was sleeping.
he always feels like he has a cold and has mouth ulcers all the time.
headache, low fever, and loss of energy are tough, and there is no clear cause.
a friend of his introduced him to our clinic, and he came to us.


he had been experiencing headache symptoms for a long time, and his palpation showed that his neck was intensely swollen.
there was stiffness in the trapezius, lower cervical multifidus, and semispinalis muscles, and I decided to focus on the stiffness that he was unaware of.

after about 5 treatments, the low fever that had kept on going was gone and the headache symptoms decreased.
His motivation has improved, and he is able to return to work.
after 10 treatments, the headache has completely disappeared and the discomfort in his neck has also disappeared.


slight fever and high temperature.

in general, when the body becomes heated, it is a physiological function of the body trying to heal itself.
fractures, bacterial infections, viral infections, inflammatory reactions... the body needs fever to heal itself.
even a stiff neck can cause a slight fever or heat. In some cases, the autonomic nervous system is disturbed, and the body becomes hypothermic.
a persistent slight fever or high temperature is most likely caused by a stiff neck.
even if you take antipyretic drugs, your body will remain in pain unless the origin of the problem is cured.
if left untreated, it can lead to serious illnesses, so be careful.