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postmenopausal syndrome

postmenopausal syndrome

postmenopausal syndrome. she was told by gynecologist that she might have postmenopausal syndrome...
she feels fuzzy, her body is hot, and she suddenly sweats.
her sleep is shallow, and she also has depressive symptoms. sudden shoulder pain or numbness in the arms.
she is easily irritated and seems to have gained weight recently. she can't keep up with the changes in her body any longer and doesn't want to take any medication, so she came to our clinic for acupuncture treatment.

visual observation and palpation

there was no abnormality on visual examination, but there were strong symptoms of skin tension.
on palpation, skin tension and muscle tension were strongly observed.


to adjust the autonomic nerve function, acupuncture points were applied mainly to the neck area.

1st treatment: a little headache-like symptoms appeared after the treatment, but she was able to sleep more deeply than usual.
3rd treatment: shoulder pain and numbness in the arms became better. 10→5
5th treatment: shoulder pain and numbness in the arms almost disappeared.


what is postmenopausal syndrome?

postmenopausal syndrome is a disorder of the autonomic nervous system in which hormonal imbalance causes physical and mental rhythms to become unbalanced.
women in particular experience various symptoms in various parts of their body when their hormones are out of balance.
women are especially prone to postmenopausal syndrome at a time when their life rhythms are changing, such as when their children come of age, their husbands retire, or they start caring for their parents.
recently, there has been an increase in the number of young postmenopausal syndrome women in their 30s due to excessive dieting and disordered eating habits in their youth.
women tend to gain weight when they reach menopause.
female hormones are made from cholesterol, so when female hormones drop, cholesterol increases in the bloodstream, making it easier to gain weight.
it is not overeating that causes weight gain, but the lowering of female hormones.

we have a lot of patients with menopausal disorders, and many of them improve by treating their neck and autonomic nervous system disorders, as well as by local treatment of other areas of concern.
postmenopausal syndrome? i believe that by treating the neck muscles with acupuncture instead of medication, we can prevent many diseases caused by endurance.
women are very patient, so many of them come to the clinic after their symptoms become serious.
i recommend early treatment as much as possible.