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Case Reports

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tension in the stomach, autonomic nervous system disorder, difficulty in breathing, headache

main symptoms

tension in the stomach. no diarrhea or constipation.
she always has difficulty in breathing and feels as if she is choking. cannot take deep breaths.
when she is not feeling well, she often feels dizzy when standing up. often have headaches.
symptoms started about 10 years ago. since she started working, she suffers from symptoms almost every day.
the psychosomatic medicine department diagnosed her with autonomic dysreflexia, and she continues to take medication.
she has been taking acupuncture for the past 5 years, but she came to our clinic because she wanted to have a fundamental adjustment of her autonomic nervous system.

visual observation and palpation

no abnormality was found on visual observation.
palpation revealed hypertension near the thoracolumbar vertebral transition area (the border between the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae), which is related to the stomach.

muscle tension was also observed in the cervical platysma and semispinalis muscles.


trigger point treatment of the thoracolumbar transition area and neck.

since the symptoms had not been relieved for 10 years, we judged that the cause was deep inside and treated the deepest part of the body.

1st session: she felt better for a few days after the treatment. however, it still bothered her.
3rd treatment: symptoms are in waves. headache has been reduced.
6th treatment: the choking symptom has been reduced. tension in the stomach is getting much better.
10th treatment: stomach symptoms are almost completely healed. no headache. however, when she is tired from work or doesn't get enough sleep, the symptoms sometimes come on all at once. but it is not as bad as before.

after a few treatments, the symptoms seem to have disappeared.


considering the symptom of difficulty in breathing

the following is a summary of breathing symptoms caused by trigger points in the back.
(1) difficulty in taking deep breaths.
(2) the breath that has gone in does not go out.
(3) coughing when breathing in.
(4) asthma
(5) cough that lasts more than one month.
(6) sleep apnea
etc. 。。。。

in fact, there are many symptoms that are caused by trigger points in the back.
it is not widely known, but longstanding symptoms may also be caused by trigger points in the back.