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Case Reports

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dizziness, foggy head, neck pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, palpitations

main symptoms

she feels dizzy and her head is foggy.
sometimes she has sudden anxiety. She has been diagnosed with panic disorder.
her blood pressure is always in the 150-160 range.
when feeling unwell, she can't stop her heart palpitations. she feels very tired at work and after work.
she makes sure to get enough sleep, but her sleep is shallow.
the doctor told her that she has a straight neck. the pillow doesn't seem to fit well.
she has tried chinese medicine, osteopathy, and massage for many years, but her symptoms have not improved.

visual observation and palpation

the palpation showed that she had been diagnosed as having a straight neck, but the condition was not connected to her symptoms, so i told her not to worry too much because the condition of the cervical spine was not proportional to the symptoms.
since i could see that her neck muscles and back muscles were very tight, i decided to focus on the trigger point treatment.


she got almost completely cured after a total of 10 treatments.

treated areas: semispinalis capitis, platysma capitis, platysma cervicis, levator scapulae, and multifidus thoracis.

1st treatment: the fuzzy feeling in the head reduces a little.
3rd treatment: neck pain and dizziness decrease to about half.
6th treatment: symptoms still worsen when working. it was hard to concentrate, especially during meetings.
8th treatment: blood pressure dropped from 160 to 130.
10th treatment: palpitations and other symptoms disappeared. her physical condition was much better.

symptoms seem to have disappeared after several treatments.


even though she had been treated with various therapies, the problems had not been resolved and various symptoms had appeared.
it was the first time for her to try acupuncture, and she had strong muscle tension, so we started with thin acupuncture needles to reduce the amount of stimulation.
after about the 5th treatment, the muscles on the surface of the body began to loosen up, so we gradually began to treat the deeper muscles.
the recovery was gradual at first, but i am glad to see that she has improved a lot.