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autonomic nervous system ataxia

main symptoms

can't sleep, rash and itchiness on the body, drowsiness, lack of motivation, inability to think, lack of eating, and tiredness.


there was strong skin tension on the neck and back.
there was a lot of rash on the neck, and it was red and inflammatory.
in the manual therapy, there was also excessive tension in the neck and back, and it was difficult to insert the fingers.

what is skin tension? what are skin symptoms?

in fact, when the autonomic nervous system is disturbed, various symptoms may appear on the skin.
for example, sympathetic nervous system tension can cause redness and itching of the skin.
insomnia and stress can also cause tension in the skin of the back, making the body stiff.
the skin can tell you what is wrong with you in mysterious ways.
for example, hyperpigmentation, a dark spot, can be a trigger point.
people who have white lines on their lower back often have chronic back pain.
people who have red spots on their back also have disturbances in the underlying muscles and autonomic nervous system.


i treated trigger points mainly in the cervical semispinalis muscle and thoracic multifidus muscle.

●treatment results
complete recovery after three treatments.


the autonomic nervous system is particularly disturbed during seasonal changes.
the autonomic nervous system disorder is especially noticeable in the weak parts of the body.