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Case Reports

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cervical depression

main symptoms

neck and shoulder pain. Stiffness.
very busy at work and sleep is shallow.
the muscles between the shoulder blades and the neck are stiff.
lack of motivation and depressed mood.
he came to see the doctor because he felt that he was experiencing depression-like symptoms due to stiff muscles.
he came to see us because he felt that his depression-like symptoms were caused by stiff muscles, and there was no sign of recovery even after taking medication.

visual observation and palpation

there was no abnormality on visual observation, but on palpation, there was strong skin tension and muscle tension in the neck and back.
not many people come to see a doctor because they feel that stiffness in the neck might be related to depression, but he seemed to feel that the stiffness might be the cause of the symptoms because he was studying psychology. he felt that stiffness might be the cause of his symptoms.


dorsal third thoracic vertebrae, the multifidus and rotator cuff muscles just lateral to the spinous process
the treatment focused on the cervical semispinalis, platysma, and sternocleidomastoid muscles.

treatment results

he was seen for five consecutive days until healing.
the symptoms gradually improved and the stiffness disappeared.


usually, when this symptom occurs, the patient is referred to a psychosomatic physician.
in that case, medication is the main treatment.
even so, the stiffness is not removed after all, and the symptoms often do not go into relief.
it is also important to note that some people do not feel stiffness.
just as there are 100 different ways to feel pain in 100 different people, some people who do not feel stiffness may experience depressive symptoms all at once.
if it comes out all at once, you will have to see a psychosomatic doctor and spend a long period of time without realizing that it is stiffness.
stiffness is a message.
if you feel stiffness and experience depressive symptoms, it is important to think of it as "cervical depression," which is caused by stiffness in the neck, and if you experience depressive symptoms without feeling stiffness, it is important to think of it as "stiffness in the neck may be the cause.

the number of psychosomatic diseases has been increasing in recent years.
chronic pain disorders are also on the rise.
the reason for the increase is that the number of people who get better is smaller than the number of people who get worse.
that is why they are increasing.
in other words, patients need to look for a treatment that can cure them.
if the treatment you find is " cure treatment" it would be best to continue with it.
if you find a " cure treatment", you should add it as one of your self-maintenance measures because you are constitutionally prone to the symptoms that you are currently suffering from.
in our clinic, there are many people whose symptoms have recovered to some extent, but they continue to take regular treatments.
i believe that the best treatment is the one that the patient himself feels that he should continue to consult with his body even though he is recovering.
there are many people who continue treatment even though they are not recovering.

recently, a junior high school student with stiff shoulders and headaches who had been taking painkillers almost every day for a long period of time came to our clinic through his mother's referral, asking to be treated with acupuncture.
after 3 treatments, the child was able to live without taking the medicine.
the idea of prescribing painkillers to such a young child now is unacceptable to me.
there are times when acupuncture is necessary while taking painkillers if the pain is strong, but i don't understand the point of prescribing painkillers if you're not trying to cure the root of the problem.
i'm afraid i'm getting hot... m(__)m

there is still a lack of recognition of the various symptoms of the body caused by the neck.
although i am a novice, i will try my best to make people in the community aware that acupuncture treatment can improve various symptoms that come from the neck.