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Case Reports

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insomnia, eyestrain.

main symptoms

difficulty sleeping. it takes 1-2 hours to fall asleep. even when he does sleep, his sleep is shallow, and he wakes up early in the morning.
his autonomic nervous system is disturbed, and he cannot concentrate on his work. he has tried massage therapy, but there has been no improvement.
he works on a computer and his eyes are always tired. headaches are also common.

visual observation and palpation

the skin shows symptoms of sympathetic nervous tension. palpation shows that the surface muscles are hyper tense. swelling is also present.
the neck muscles were so swollen that they were difficult to touch, so we decided to focus on acupuncture.


1st treatment: after the treatment, the fatigue in her eyes was gone. however, the headache became a little more frequent as the muscles were relaxed.
2nd treatment: she was able to sleep. headaches disappeared.
3rd treatment: eye fatigue was completely gone. especially when acupuncture is applied to the muscles at the base of the neck, there is a pleasant sensation that resonates behind the eyes.


neck muscles are very much connected to the autonomic nervous system.

it is still good if you feel stiffness in the neck muscles, but if you are insensitive to the stiffness, various symptoms will appear when you notice them.
(1) stiff neck, (2) difficulty sleeping, (3) headache, (4) eyestrain...but people who do not feel the symptoms of (1) stiff neck may start with (2) at once.
people who are not aware that their necks are stiff will suffer from various complaints.
these complaints are all symptoms that are difficult to resolve with western medicine.
for example...
1 headache, heavy head
2 neck pain, stiff neck
3 shoulder tension, stiff shoulders
4 easy to catch a cold
5 dizziness or staggering.
6 feeling unsteady when turning around or walking
7 nausea
8 hard to fall asleep at night. waking up in the middle of the night
9 unstable blood pressure
10 unable to stay in a warm place for a long time
11 sweating abnormally
12 heart is pounding even when i am quiet. palpitations
13 hard to see, blurred vision
14 tiredness in eyes, can't keep eyes open
15 blindness, pain behind the eyes
16 dried eyes, tearing easily
17 saliva comes out easily or too much
18 low fever
19 gastrointestinal upset, feeling bloated
20 feeling sluggish and wanting to lie down
21 feeling tired, general malaise
22 lack of motivation
23 symptoms are stronger on bad weather days or the day before
24 depressed mood
25 hard to concentrate
26 anxiety
27 irritable
28 lack of patience, affecting my work
29 flushing, cold hands and feet, numbness
30 chest pain, pressure and numbness

in fact, all these symptoms are caused by a stiff neck.

the truth is that stiff neck is scary...
the more of the above symptoms you have, the worse your healing will be.
however, 1 month after treatment, 2 months after treatment,,,,
and so on, if you check the numbers of symptoms again, you will notice that the number of symptoms has decreased.
if you have 1 to 5, you can expect a dramatic improvement, but if you have more than 10, it will take some time.