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Case Reports

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CNMS, numbness in the face area, dizziness, and persistent low fever, sudden anxiety

main symptoms

since February, she has been experiencing pain in left neck and shoulder. jaw pain also started to occur.
The back of my head felt swollen from the time the pain started. I didn't pay much attention to it, especially at that time.

however, in mid-february, she began to experience numbness and discomfort in the tip of her tongue and pain in face. she went to an otolaryngologist and was referred for an MRI of neck and face, but there were no problems.

she doesn’t feel pain or numbness when she touches it, but she feels a strong sense of discomfort. she has a headache for a long time, and when she gets tired or don't get enough sleep, she always has symptoms.

she has a small kid and has not been sleeping well lately. Sudden anxiety, stomachache, and dullness.

recently, she has been suffering from low fever and has been visiting various hospitals such as neurosurgery and internal medicine, but she has only been prescribed medicine, and nothing has improved. she read an article about CNMS (Cervical Neuromuscular Syndrome) on our website and came to our hospital.

observation and palpation

her face was pale and looked tired. there was no skin lesion such as pigmentation or eczema on the examination from the skin surface, and palpation showed many painful hyperalgesia zones that caused pain just by touching the shallow layer of muscle.


the symptoms of this case did not improve even after visiting various hospitals, and i judged that the cause was autonomic neuropathy (CNMS [cervical neuromuscular syndrome]) caused by the deterioration of the neck condition and treated it. because of hyperalgesia, we used 0.14mm thin needles from the 1st to the 3rd treatment sessions to firmly apply the needles to the points that needed to be applied, while controlling the pain by suppressing the resonance of other points.

after that, the deep suboccipital muscle group was approached.

treatment results

the effect was felt after the 1st and 2nd treatments. however, there were some waves of symptoms. perhaps it was because she was sleeping more deeply that her symptoms were reduced to about half of what she would have been if she had started with 10 painful symptoms.

headache, numbness at the tip of the tongue, and discomfort in the face almost disappeared. slight fever also improved, from 5 to 1.

she is still continuing treatment at a pace of about once a week because she is not able to take out the points completely.


in this case, the symptoms that had continued for several months did not improve with medication, and the autonomic nerve function improved by treating the trigger points in the neck and shoulders.

although it is still unknown, symptoms such as headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, panic symptoms, and menopausal disorders emerge from chronic stiffness in the neck and shoulders. this is called CNMS (Cervical Neuromuscular Syndrome).

【symptoms caused by trigger points in the neck and shoulders】

1 headache, heavy head
2 neck pain / stiff neck
3 tight shoulders/stiff shoulders
4 catching colds easily lately
5 feel dizzy or lightheaded
6 feel lightheaded or dizzy when turning around or walking
7 feel nauseous
8 having trouble falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the day, or sleeping lightly
9 blood pressure is not stable
10 difficulty with temperature differences
11 sudden sweating/hyperhidrosis
12 heart palpitations
13 increased blurred vision or difficulty seeing
14 can't keep eyes open, eyes get tired
15 glares from car lights, etc. at night, pain in the back of the eyes, or poor eyesight when the lights shine during vision tests, etc.
16 dry eyes have lasted for a long time
17 abnormal saliva secretion
18 low fever often lasts recently
19 feeling of fullness in the stomach, gastrointestinal upset
20 general malaise in the morning
21 feeling lazy and tired easily
22 feel unmotivated more often
23 symptoms are often affected by the weather
24 feeling depressed at times
25 difficulty concentrating lately
26 suddenly feel anxious
27 irritable more often.
28 lost patience at work
29 cold, numb, or flushed hands and feet
30 chest pain or pressure in the chest

if you visit various hospitals for each symptom, you will be given many names of diseases and prescribed many medications.

autonomic nervous system symptoms are mostly symptoms of anxiety, "what's wrong with my body?” i hope that you will soon find a treatment that will help your body heal properly.