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Case Reports

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high blood pressure

main symptom

recently, his blood pressure has been rising suddenly due to stress at work.
it used to be fine, but suddenly it went up to 160.
it has been a couple of months, but it has not gone down. the doctor has prescribed him medicine to lower his blood pressure.
when he takes the medicine, his blood pressure drops to 140, but he wants to live a life without depending on the medicine.
he came to our clinic as a referral from one of our patients.

visual observation and palpation

there was no problem on visual observation, but there was a large amount of swelling in the neck area on palpation.
he did not seem to feel stiffness on his own.


he used more acupuncture needles to remove the swelling in the neck and concentrated on the neck area.

we treated all the muscles, from the top layer to the deeper layers.

although he was busy with his work, we made sure he received treatment once a week.

blood pressure went down after the 2nd treatment. however, when he was busy with work, lack of sleep, or when he felt stressed, his blood pressure rose.
by the 5th treatment, his blood pressure became too low to take the medicine, so he stopped taking the medicine after consulting with his physician.

his blood pressure has stabilized in a short period of time.


blood Pressure

it is said that 80% of high blood pressure has no known cause.
in the other 20% of cases, there is an increase in blood pressure related to the current disease.
in general, when the blood pressure is high, we often prescribe medication to lower the blood pressure, but this means that the patient must take the medication all the time, so we need to try to cure the problem fundamentally.
trigger points in the neck can lead to increased blood pressure.
if you want to heal fundamentally, it may take some time, but please contact us.