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Case Reports

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taste disorder and loss of appetite

main symptoms

3 years ago, she went to the hospital because of back pain and pain in her lower back and received a diagnosis of "scoliosis".
perhaps because the pain continued for a long time, she developed taste disorder around that time. she lost about 10 kg during those days.
she visited various hospitals and is still taking a lot of medication.
although she went through various tests, there was nothing abnormal.
she was recommended to go to a psychosomatic medicine clinic, but the medication only increased and there was no improvement at all.
recently, she stopped taking the medication from the psychosomatic medicine and is suffering from withdrawal symptoms.
she came to our clinic after her family researched about acupuncture treatment.

visual observation and palpation

she was walking very unsteadily and had difficulty getting on the treatment bed and could not lie down without assistance from our staff.
she had excessive muscle swelling in her neck and back, and we decided to focus on those areas.


since her symptoms were very bad, we treated her with intensive acupuncture twice a week. in consideration of the stimulation, we used only acupuncture to minimize the stress.

1st to 3rd treatment: it was difficult for her to get on the bed without assistance from the staff. however, after the treatment, her body circulation improved, and she felt refreshed.
4th to 10th treatment: appetite started to improve. her sense of taste gradually improved. weight gain of about 3 kg.
11th to 15th treatment: she can lie down on the treatment bed without any assistance from the staff. he was unable to get up by herself at first after treatment but is now able to do so. her weight increased by 5 kg.
16th to 20th treatment: the numbness in her back and waist disappeared. appetite returned to normal. sense of taste returns to almost normal. weight increases by 8 kg from the initial weight.
21st to 25th treatment: taste returned to normal. weight returned to normal after gaining 10 kg. she can walk well on her own. numbness in the back and waist also disappeared.


treatment area

in this case, i thought that the autonomic nervous system was disturbed due to the stress caused by the long-term pain in the back and lumbar region, and various complaints were caused.
in the neck and back, trigger points were treated mainly in the semispinalis capitis and rhomboid muscle.

trigger points on the 11th thoracic vertebra and the 12th thoracic vertebra just lateral to the spinous process were also treated to increase the activity of the digestive system.

in this case, it was difficult to treat while considering her strength.
since there was no end to the number of bad places to look for, we concentrated on how to lighten the physical stress and achieve the best treatment results.

now that her physical strength has returned, she is sure to improve further and further.