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constipation and hidden sensitivity to cold

constipation and hidden sensitivity to cold

【female, 40s】

【female, 40s】

main symptoms

she has been constipated for many years.
for the past several years, she has never had a normal flow of stool.
she has been taking various medicines, chinese herbal medicines, supplements, etc., but there has been no improvement.
there is no appetite, and she feels unwell most days.
she has always had a sensitivity to cold, and her feet get cold even in summer. she always wears socks and spats.


she works at a computer for about 10 hours a day, and her stiff neck and shoulders were appearing as symptoms as well as her main complaint.

since these stiffnesses cause autonomic nervous system disturbance, while treating the neck and shoulders, we intensively approached the following areas that are effective in treating constipation.

1) lumbar multifidus muscle

the effective point for constipation is to treat trigger points in the lumbar multifidus muscle.
treatment of this muscle is expected to increase pelvic rotation and blood flow in the pelvis.

2) gluteus medius and maximus muscle

the blue line is a cord-like stiffness in the gluteus medius muscle.
the yellow-green line is a trigger point at the muscle connection between the gluteus medius and the gliteus maximus muscle.
the orange dots are trigger points at the attachment of the gluteus medius muscle at the lateral sacral border.
these trigger points are also inhibitors of blood flow in the pelvis and throughout the lower legs.

constipation can be improved by (1) + (2) + (for patients with heavy constipation, systemic autonomic nerve adjustment by neck trigger point therapy).

treatment results

although the constipation symptom was quite serious this time, normal stools seemed to come out for the first time in several years after about 5 times of treatment.


how to cure constipation

constipation can be treated by various medical institutions, supplements, chinese medicine, and treatment centers.
in our clinic, we treat constipation for immediate effect.
we concentrate on treating trigger points in the hips & lower back, and almost 99% of people improve.

basically, the digestive system is affected by the autonomic nervous system, so despite the fact that there is a general disturbance of the autonomic nervous system, medicines, supplements, and chinese herbs may provide temporary improvement, but will not cure the problem fundamentally.

when acupuncture needles are applied to trigger points, there is a forced increase in parasympathetic activity, which increases the activity of the digestive system.

in other words, digestive symptoms and trigger points work very well together, so there is an immediate effect. (i will write more about this later.)

many patients with constipation tend to try their best to warm up their bodies, but this can lead to hidden coldness that they are not aware of.
however, this can lead to hidden coldness that the patient is not aware of.
if you dress too thickly, it becomes the normal thing to do, and you become cold.
it is not uncommon for people to lower their body temperature by sweating without realizing it.
the shortest way to improve constipation is to teach the correct knowledge of coldness and support it with acupuncture at the same time.