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acupuncture treatment for rheumatism (RA)

acupuncture treatment for rheumatism (RA)

【female, 68 years old】

【female, 68 years old】

main symptoms

she was diagnosed with rheumatism. she cannot grip her fingers, cannot bend her wrists, and has difficulty bending her knees.
anyway, she came to the clinic because she had a lot of general pain and wanted to do something about it.
she has also been visiting a hospital.


acupuncture for the purpose of relieving muscle tension around the painful joints.
intensive acupuncture was used to treat each joint.
the number of needles used was 50.

results of treatment

to be honest, rheumatoid arthritis cannot be completely cured by acupuncture treatment. however, acupuncture can improve muscle circulation and normalize autonomic nerve function.
recently, research on rheumatoid arthritis has been progressing, and the pain tends to be decreased in cooperation with Western medicine.
medication is important, but it is also important to use natural therapies such as acupuncture to treat the body.
this patient also seemed to feel much better after receiving acupuncture treatment, and he continued to receive treatment twice a week for about a year.
in the end, the knee joint became stiff, and after consultation, an artificial joint was inserted.
now, with occasional acupuncture treatment, he has recovered to the point where he can fully enjoy his daily life.
rheumatism should always be treated in cooperation with Western medicine when receiving acupuncture treatment.


what is rheumatism?

the official name is "rheumatoid arthritis".
instead of ordinary osteoarthritis, rheumatism is characterized by "joint destroying".
it is characterized by the destruction of joints, not deformation.
this can be clearly seen in x-rays, where the joints are destroyed and the gaps between the joints disappear, making it look like the bones are integrated.
rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an inflammatory autoimmune disease.
it is a disease in which one's own immune system attacks itself.
rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by the fact that it is usually bilateral, whereas osteoarthritis often affects one joint.
it is more common in women.
the initial symptom is morning stiffness.
morning stiffness that persists for an hour is a sure sign of rheumatism.
if it lasts for more than 2 hours, you should see a doctor immediately because joint destruction may occur early.
rheumatoid arthritis was originally called chronic rheumatoid arthritis, but it was recently changed to rheumatoid arthritis.
since rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease, general malaise and fatigue always accompany it.
there are many complications associated with this disease, so we provide treatment in collaboration with western medicine even if the symptoms are mild.
we always try to provide acupuncture treatment while receiving treatment from western medical doctors.
acupuncture treatment is effective for both mild and severe RA in terms of pain.
when the joints do not move or are difficult to move, the muscles do not move well, and the blood flow becomes poor.
in other words, acupuncture treatment can be effective in improving blood flow to the area where movement is poor.

i recommend that you take acupuncture treatment together, rather than medication alone.