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unable to speak

unable to speak

【fimale, 30s】

【fimale, 30s】

main symptoms

unable to speak.
the doctor diagnosed the vocal cords might have inflammation? or nodules?
i work as an opera singer and have a concert coming up.
it has been difficult to breathe for a long time.
she recommended our clinic to a friend of hers and came to our clinic.

visual observation and palpation

on visual observation, there was strong swelling in the neck area. the back was tense as well.
palpation showed strong tension on the surface of the skin, so from the beginning we concentrated on the areas related to the voice.


she received intensive trigger point treatment for the areas related to the voice and throat. we chose the approach to the sternocleidomastoid muscle as the main one.

because of the limited period, we decided to apply more acupuncture to a few areas rather than treating many areas. the main area was the sternocleidomastoid muscle as shown above.

after the 1st treatment, her voice started to sound a little better.
after the 2nd treatment, she was able to sing at a concert, though not as well as usual.
at the 3rd treatment, the neck, back, and sternocleidomastoid muscles were all treated together, and her physical condition recovered. she was able to sing at the concert without any problems.