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Case Reports

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cervical dizziness.

main symptoms

she has been experiencing terrible dizziness for the past 3 years.
the dizziness is like spinning.
she went to various hospitals. all tests were done.
she went to otorhinolaryngology and psychosomatic medicine as well. however, they only gave symptomatic treatment and did not solve the root problem.
since a year ago, she has been receiving acupuncture and massage therapy at other clinics, but there has been no improvement.
it is so painful that she cannot support her neck. it feels like it is floating.
for the past 3 years, she has been unable to go out, and she has been unable to work.
she came to the hospital because she couldn't do much housework and wanted to do something about it as soon as possible.

visual observation and palpation

at the stage of visual observation, her neck was almost frozen, and her body and face were facing the same direction, indicating that she was afraid to move her neck.
palpation showed that she was unconsciously straining her neck.


since the muscles were very tense, we did not use manual therapy. instead, we used acupuncture to approach the deepest part of the body, and after the acupuncture, we added manual therapy and focused on acupuncture.

(cervical platysma muscle)
(semispinalis capitis)
(elevator scapulae muscle)

there was obvious muscle tension in the above muscles, and i judged that they were the cause of her cervical vertigo and treated it.
her head felt as if it was floating, so i applied twice as many needles as usual to the levator scapulae muscle.

Priority: elevator scapulae muscle > semispinalis capitis > cervical platysma muscle > other

1st to 6th treatment: it was difficult to see any effect.
7th to 10th treatment: there was no change in her symptoms, but her muscle tension was clearly relieved from the initial examination according to other objective findings.
11th to 15th treatment: the time when she felt comfortable after the treatment appeared. for the first time in a while, she was able to do her housework for a certain amount of time.
16th to 20th treatment: after the treatment, she always feels better. however, it does not mean that she will continue to feel better for many days.

currently continuing treatment.


cervical dizziness

western medicine is finally recognizing that stiffness in the neck is related to dizziness.
however, there is no specific treatment for it, only a little massage therapy and electric therapy.
the muscles of the neck are very small, so instead of looking at the neck as a big part of the body, we must consider the neck as a small part of the body.
many dizziness symptoms are caused by trigger points in the neck.
in particular, the 3 muscles that i treated this time are very important areas to treat.

in this case, the first 5 treatments were done with thin needles.
after the 6th treatment, i used regular acupuncture needles to precisely target the deep areas.

patients with this level of dizziness often have poor muscle tone and need to be careful about the amount of stimulation they receive.