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restless legs syndrome

main symptoms

he has been taking medications for 10 years.
symptoms are strong at bedtime, and he can sleep after taking them.
his feet feel very uncomfortable. sometimes I get cramping.
symptoms also occur when he is sitting on a train or bus.
he works at a desk and the symptoms occur while he is working.
bending over and stretching calms it down a little, but the symptoms come back soon after.
especially during work meetings, his legs feel restless.
he had given up on this symptom because it had not gone away for many years, but his family recommended that he take it again.


during the interview, i recommended a different approach to treatment, considering that he had been taking medication for 10 years without any improvement in his symptoms.
we performed trigger point therapy on the lower legs to adjust the autonomic nervous system, as well as approaches to the lower back and neck.


neck: semispinalis muscle, splenius muscle, trapezius muscle
lower back: longissimus lumborum muscle, multifidus muscle
lower leg: interosseous membrane, tibialis posterior muscle, gastrocnemius
acupuncture treatment for these trigger points was performed once a week.

1st to 3rd treatment: no change.
4th to 8th treatment: improvement in symptoms. no difficulty in daily life. however, he is still taking medication.
9th to 10th treatment: legs become calmer at work. sometimes the symptoms worsen, but there is a clear improvement. he reduced the medication to half the dosage at his own discretion.

ongoing treatment: ・・・・


our approach to restless legs

legs get itchy while resting.
itching while sleeping. painful and itchy feeling.
the feet sometimes move by themselves.
excessive burning of the feet.

the name of the syndrome is " restless legs syndrome", which refers to a series of symptoms.
in fact, this symptom is surprisingly common.

there are many people who suffer from it for a long time.
some may be on long-term medication.

there are many possible causes, such as high caffeine intake, but at our clinic, we believe that the cause of restless legs syndrome is trigger points in the lower legs.

if the symptoms are too long, it is important to treat the neck in addition to the trigger points in the lower leg.
it is not an overstatement to say that the neck is the center of autonomic nervous system function.

if the neck is bad, the symptoms may worsen.
localized trigger points in the feet & autonomic adjustments in the neck are a shortcut to improvement.

it is not possible to cure it with medication.
recently, there has been an increase in the number of children with restless legs syndrome.
the autonomic nervous system is disturbed due to chronic stress and stiff neck caused by smart phones and games. there are various possible causes.
with proper treatment, early improvement can be expected.