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Case Reports

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insomnia for 10 years

main symptoms

cannot sleep every day for 10 years.
also, his feet get cold.
even if he can sleep, he wakes up about 3 times a day.
his sleep is generally shallow. cannot sleep well.
at first, he went to a psychosomatic doctor. also went to a psychiatrist.
they prescribed me sleeping pills. the medication didn't work, and they prescribed an antidepressant.
the medication didn't fit his body and he started to feel worse and worse.
he stopped the medication and was given some chinese herbal medicine.
the chinese medicine didn't help either, but it did help a little with the chronic abdominal pain and other symptoms that he had been suffering from.
he has also had counseling, but no improvement.

for the last year, he went to a local acupuncture clinic.
there, he focused on treatment from the lower back down, because they thought he might not be able to sleep because of the cold.
the treatment had a slight effect on his coldness, but there was no improvement in his other symptoms.
he came to our clinic from a distance.


the treatment areas are the 3 points shown in the figure above.
the neck area for insomnia.
the back for general autonomic nervous system disturbance.
and for coldness, we mainly treated the hip joint.

treatment results

while treating the surface muscles of the neck, we took an approach to the cold that was likely to improve at an early stage.
the area to be treated was the gluteus minimus muscle, which is located behind the gluteus maximus muscle and the gluteus medius muscle.

trigger points in the gluteus minimus muscle are the cause of various symptoms such as cold legs, varicose veins, and numbness in the legs.
after 2-3 times of treatment, the discomfort and coldness in the hip joint improved.

when the coldness had improved, we began to treat the neck in earnest.
the surface stiffness was mostly improved and trigger point treatment of the lower part of the cranial semispinalis muscle, the root of insomnia, was performed.
after about 5 treatments, he started to alternate between days when he could sleep and days when he couldn't sleep, in days when he used to have more sleepless days.

as the tension in the neck started to go away, the tension in the back started to feel stronger.
we treated the trigger points in the deepest part of the back, such as the thoracic multifidus and thoracic rotator cuff muscles.
after about 3 treatments, he was able to sleep more days and recovered to the point where he could say he was in the best physical condition in 10 years.

after a few more treatments, the symptoms seemed to disappear.


how to cure insomnia

there is no convenient point to cure insomnia.
when trigger points are formed, the body becomes sympathetically tense, which naturally leads to shallow sleep and sleeplessness.
when acupuncture needles are applied to trigger points, the body is forced to activate the parasympathetic nervous system.
the only treatment that can promote forced parasympathetic nerve function activation is the use of the acupuncture needles.
activation of the parasympathetic nervous system function is essential for good sleep, and it is necessary to find hidden trigger points and treat them with resonance.

it is necessary to recognize the areas of the body that are easily stressed in each patient's life and work and provide treatment accordingly.