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muscle pain in young adults

muscle pain in young adults

【teenage female】

【teenage female】

main symptoms

aching in the thighs.
the pain started about 2 weeks ago.
recently, the pain intensified when she ran at a gymnastic event. pain in the front of the hip joint and in the middle of the thigh.
difficulty walking. the pain is worse in the morning when she wakes up.

visual observation and palpation

no visual observation revealed any bleeding under the skin. the swelling was not particularly noticeable.
palpation revealed tenderness in the upper third of the rectus femoris muscle.
there was tenderness on the inferior anterior iliac spine, and it was thought to be an avulsion fracture caused by the rectus femoris muscle, but there was no subcutaneous bleeding. i told her that if her symptoms worsened, you would take an x-ray.


as massage therapy was not available, i decided to use acupuncture only to relieve the pain.

1st treatment: a little better.
2nd treatment: the pain became stronger in various parts of her body, probably because her walking style had changed. she went to hospital to take x-ray just in case →no abnormalities were found.
3rd treatment: symptoms improved the next day, and the pain decreased from 10 to about 2.

she was able to walk and participate in club activities without difficulty, so we decided to end the treatment.


muscle pain in young adults.

although not all children are affected by muscle pain, it seems that many children nowadays feel a lot of pain even from simple muscle pain symptoms.
in recent years, children are growing faster, and their bodies are probably changing.
i also pass many high school students on my morning commute, and all of them are bigger than me, the average height of the SHOWA era.
their sports performance may be improving, but i feel that their bodies tend not to keep up.
however, with proper care, it is possible to correct the pain and balance of the body, so if a child (1) has recently grown taller rapidly, (2) has recently had a lot of pain in the body, or (3) is not able to get rid of fatigue, it is better to take care of them.