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headache in children

headache in children

【junior high school boy】

【junior high school boy】

main symptoms

headache. he has been taking medicine every day for about a week, but there has been no improvement.
his symptoms seem to have worsened since he got his teeth braced.
he went to the neurosurgery department and had CT and MRI scans, but the cause was unknown.
he went to a headache specialist and was prescribed a strong medicine, but there was no improvement.
he came to our clinic because there was no improvement even though he tried chinese medicine.

visual observation and palpation

he seemed to have headaches sometimes without warning and was confused.
palpation showed muscle tension in the muscle group attached to the occipital bone in the neck.


acupuncture was performed on the neck area. as this was an acupuncture treatment for a child, we used short, thin needles.

1st treatment: after the treatment, the pain of 10 was reduced to half, but it became painful again with time.
3rd treatment: 10 to 5. the number of attack pains decreased, and he could go to school.
5th treatment: symptoms are almost gone. several more treatments are recommended to achieve a cure.
8th treatment: 10 to 0. symptoms disappeared completely. the treatment was terminated with a request to call us if the symptoms are likely to appear again or if they do.


about headaches in children

in recent years, headache symptoms in children have been increasing.
headaches in children? ...many parents are concerned, so they go to see a neurosurgeon at first, but the results tend to be " no problem".
headaches are still rare in elementary school children, but in junior high and high school students, headaches are becoming more and more common.
i wonder if this is due to the spread of smart phones and computers. it seems to me that studying with a bad neck has created a physical environment that makes it easier to feel stress.
children's sensitivity to pain is not yet developed, and they tend to be more sensitive to pain.
a headache is an unknown pain, especially for children, and this can cause a lot of stress.
ts more and more children are growing fast, straight necks are one of the causes.
the symptom that is causing the headache is trigger points in the neck.
acupuncture can be applied directly to the trigger points and the symptoms can be relieved.
one of the advantages of being a child is that you recover quickly.
from a young age, it would not be a good idea to take painkillers to control headaches.
you will start to live a life that depends on medication.

symptoms will increase as the exam season is about to begin.
since kunitachi is a school town, many children suffer from stiff necks and shoulders.
if you have any symptoms, it is better to treat them to improve your grades.