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bass-disordered sensorineural hearing loss and acupuncture for hypersensitivity to hearing and neuropathy.

bass-disordered sensorineural hearing loss and acupuncture for hypersensitivity to hearing and neuropathy.

【female, 40s】

【female, 40s】

main symptoms

at the beginning of this year, she was diagnosed with "acute low pitch sensorineural hearing loss" and was prescribed hormones and various medications.

sometimes the medication helped relieve her symptoms, but basically there was no change. it's like I'm doing it over and over again.

recently, for about 2 weeks, her hearing has been dropping further and further. the otolaryngologist said it was " neuropathy" and prescribed vitamins and anti-inflammatory medication.

although her hearing is still poor, she often feels hypersensitive to sudden sounds (falling objects, the sound of a plastic bag, a child's voice, etc.). she came to us from a far distance because she had received acupuncture treatment in the area, but there was not much improvement.

visual observation and palpation

on visual observation, strong swelling in the neck area. i was concerned about the problem of jaw joint distortion due to the swelling in the neck and explained the possibility that trigger points in the masticatory muscle area were causing the otolaryngological disease.

the masseter and temporalis muscles were also found to be overstrained upon palpation. since the pterygoid muscle can only be approached with acupuncture, we decided to examine it with acupuncture.


the treatment focused on the trigger points of the masticatory muscles while removing the neck swelling.

for the neck swelling, i approached the trapezius, craniosacral, cranial platysma, and superior oblique muscles.

1st treatment: using thin acupuncture needles (gauge 0.14mm) for neck swelling. for the masticatory muscles, needles of gauge 0.16 mm were used. after the treatment, she felt a sense of freedom in her ears and said that it looked good.

after several times of treatment, she went through a process of large and small waves of symptoms, and her symptoms gradually eased up (about 10 treatments).

her hearing sensitivity and hearing loss symptoms have improved, and she is able to spend her daily life comfortably. (she is still undergoing treatment).


hearing sensitivity, ear blockage, ringing in the ears, sudden hearing loss

various medications are often prescribed for each disease name in otolaryngology.

it is important to adjust the autonomic nervous system to reduce the feeling of stress at the same time.

in our treatment, we focus on 1) the neck and 2) the masticatory muscles. we focus on these two points. it is often the case that people have experienced a history of not being able to improve before they arrive at the conclusion that these symptoms are caused by trigger points in the muscles. when you receive the treatment and feel the acupuncture needle's resonance, you may get a cognitive sense that "oh, this is going to work'.

in any case, diseases in the neck and above are always a concern. we aim to improve your condition as soon as possible.