Kunitachi Ozawa Acupuncture Clinic.

Case Reports

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numbness from knees to bottom.

main symptoms

from the knee to the bottom is numb.
numbness no matter what he does.

visual observation

there is a great deal of overweight, and there is insufficient circulation in the lower back and lower legs.
his pelvis is not moving when he walks.
the hip joint is externally rotated, and the circulation of the muscles around the hip joint is also poor.
his skin condition was also poor, with swelling and lots of skin pigmentation on his lower back.


the skin of the lower back was tense and difficult to insert fingers. the same applies to the hips.
his hamstrings and lower legs were very swollen, so we decided to focus on acupuncture to avoid the possibility of rebound from the manual therapy.
he recommended treating the neck at the same time because of the overall symptoms of sympathetic nervous tension.


general symptoms → sympathetic nervous tension symptoms (treatment of the neck region)
local symptoms: circulatory insufficiency in the lower back spinae muscle group, hips, and lower legs.


while adjusting the autonomic nervous system of the whole body through treatment of the neck, acupuncture was performed to find trigger points from the lower back down through intensive palpation.
needle: 50mm, gauge 0.20mm

treatment results

at the beginning of the treatment, only the lower legs and neck were treated because there was a possibility of overstimulation if whole body therapy was performed. →The body became lighter.
2nd treatment (3 days later): he felt much lighter, so i gave him a full body treatment. →after the treatment, he felt tired, but he improved the next day. he said that if the body condition was 10 at the beginning, he was now in the 2.
after a few more treatments, the symptoms seemed to disappear.


cases where the lower back and hips are bad, and the lower legs are swollen often produce numbness symptoms.
there are some cases of numbness in the lower legs due to related pain from the gluteus medius, but many cases are quite different.
this is especially true for people who are overweight and have a pelvis that is not moving.
people who are still in their 4~50's but go to the toilet 2~3 times in the middle of the night often have a swelling in their entire lower body.
if your feet swell in daily life and you go to bed without realizing it (at this time, the vector of circulation from the heart to the lower legs changes, and the lower legs become at the same level as the heart). when this happens, the water that has been accumulating in the lower part of the body circulates and the force to drain it is activated.
this patient also used to wake up twice a night to use the toilet, but after the first treatment, he no longer wakes up at night.
frequent urination at night is very stressful because it makes sleep shallow.
frequent urination at night can be caused by a variety of underlying diseases, but it can also be caused by cases like this.