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Case Reports

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sudden swelling of the knee

main symptoms

suddenly, her knee swelled up and she had difficulty walking.
she has had similar symptoms twice in the past. this is the 3rd swelling.
the swelling was from about 10 cm above the knee to below the knee. it was so swollen that she could not even bend her knee.
the 1st time she had swelling, she was treated with injections at the university hospital.
it took quite a long time to improve. it gradually improved. however, the same symptoms appeared again soon.

the 2nd time, she came to our clinic through a referral from one of our patients, and her symptoms improved quickly with acupuncture.
after that, her symptoms were stable for three years.
this time, she was hospitalized for about a month in the spring, and when she walked for about 20 minutes after being discharged, the same kind of swelling appeared again.
the pain was worse than before due to muscle weakness, and it was difficult to walk.

visual observation and palpation

big swollenness was observed in the knee.
she could not bend her knee and could not fully extend her knee.
pain occurred when she put her weight on it.

palpation shows significant swelling from 10 cm above the knee.


intensive acupuncture treatment was performed on the quadriceps muscle and patella (knee cap).

1st treatment: 10→8. the swelling seemed to have gone down a little.
2nd treatment: 8→5. the swelling was reduced to half.
3rd treatment: 5→2. almost all the swelling improved.

because of bad walking, she started to feel pain in her lower back and hip joints, so she is now continuing treatment from her lower back to her knees...


aim for natural healing.

when the knee swells, the internal pressure in the joint increases.
when you bend it, you will also feel pain from the internal pressure.
if there is bleeding in the joint, it is better to have a detailed examination. some people have intra-articular bleeding, but the cause is unknown.
many people with knee problems have become accustomed to having swollen knees, but this tends to lead to a lack of treatment that leads to an underlying solution.
when a joint is swollen, injections are often used to lower the internal pressure, but in this case, the joint will swell again soon... many people have experienced this.
the question is not, "my knee is swollen," but rather, "why is my knee swollen?"

in this case, the swollen knee returned to normal after 3 treatments.
this was a swollen knee caused by trigger points around the quadriceps muscle and knee cap.
if your knee swells repeatedly, trigger point treatment around the knee will help.
the knee is a sensitive area and requires a thorough knowledge of it.